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Sherry Sander

A Comprehensive Guide for Home Sellers

Will somebody PLEASE just explain to me how to sell my home?

Congratulations on your decision to begin considering changing homes.  While this move is exciting for you, we understand you will experience varying degrees of apprehension throughout the process.  Very few transactions in your life will match the purchase or sale of your home in size, scope and consequence as you close one chapter (leaving your current home) and enter a new chapter with a probable significant lifestyle change. Without question, the process of buying a home is not as simple as it once was.




This is a complete reference guide designed to help make your transition smoother and more manageable than you ever thought possible.  You will find in-depth information on every facet of the home buying process. You will discover detailed information to guide you to the best decisions and move you toward your goal with comfortable confidence. You may wish to keep this guide handy for reference throughout the process. 



    20 Steps to Selling your Home

    1. Your Decision to Move
    2. Selecting and Committing to a REALTOR
    3. The "Listening Appointment"
    4. Preparing your house for the market - Your participation is important
    5. Search
    6. Analysis
    7. Negotiation
    8. Completion
    9. Contract to Close (C2C) DO NOW
    10. Title Company - Order Title Search
    11. Complete Inspection - Repair/Replace Proposal
    12. Repair Resolution - Repair/Replace Amendment
    13. NLT 14 days from Binding Agreement
    14. Receive Appraisal
    15. Last 10 Days
    16. Prepare for the move - Moving Checklist
    17. Seller - Final details
    18. Final Walkthrough
    19. Review ALTA
    20. CLOSE