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Sherry Sander

A Comprehensive Guide for Home Buyers

Will somebody PLEASE just explain to me how to buy a house?
Congratulations on your decision to begin considering changing homes.  While this move is exciting for you, we understand you will experience varying degrees of apprehension throughout the process.  Very few transactions in your life will match the purchase or sale of your home in size, scope and consequence as you close one chapter (leaving your current home) and enter a new chapter with a probable significant lifestyle change. Without question, the process of buying a home is not as simple as it once was.  The Process of buying a house involves MANY (42ish) people, and for the transaction to make it to a successful Closing. your Vital Few Pareto Realty REALTOR will guide you every step of the way. Below, we offer 20 steps - Each step is a link which will take you to an explanation. We believe our clients make better decisions when they are comfortable with the process, thus our commitment to describe this process in detail. Familiarize yourself with this process, and you will be more confident . . . confident people always have better results.




"Will somebody PLEASE just explain to me how to buy a house?"

We wonder how many people are "out there" wanting to sell their house and not having a clue as to how to proceed.

These folks are begging for guidance and asking friends and family:

The friends and family may have sold houses in the past, but that definitely does not qualify them as "experts", and they frequently offer advice that is inaccurate and perhaps even potentially harmful. Acting on information found on the internet is no safer. The first (and most important) advice we have for you is that you rely on the advice and counsel of a LOCAL Real Estate Sales Professional - a REALTOR who actively markets and SELLS homes in YOUR community.

Within this Pareto Realty Website, we offer (FREE) comprehensive guidance from beginning to the end of the process AND provides myriad other resources to smooth your path to successful Home sale. We give this information freely because we care about every Home Buyer whether we represent them or not. We know this is one of the largest, most significant transactions of any family's life, and we are committed to serving and protecting as many clients we can :-) 



    20 Steps to buying the right house

    1. Your Decision to Move
    2. Selecting and Committing to a REALTOR
    3. Selecting and committing to a Lender
    4. Search
    5. Analysis
    6. Negotiation
    7. Completion
    8. Contract to Close (C2C) DO NOW
    9. Select Title Company - Issue Order & Provide Documents
    10. Notify Lender & Provide Documents
    11. Complete Inspection - Repair/Replace Proposal
    12. Repair Resolution - Repair/Replace Amendment
    13. NLT 14 days from Binding Agreement
    14. Receive Appraisal
    15. Last 10 Days
    16. Prepare for the move - Moving Checklist
    17. Final Underwriting Review - Cash to Close
    18. Final Walkthrough
    19. Review ALTA
    20. CLOSE